Galactic Memes XXIV
Bored/tired from the real life and need some break.Why don't you read some memes from the Star Wars to entertain yourself.

- From : Alexander Zimmerman



Galactic Memes

Hello and welcome once again to this weeks edition of Galactic Memes, where we look at the weird, random and funny side of Star Wars.
So without further ado, let's have a look at this week's memes:

426590.jpgIt's over Anakin, I have the... well, you know.

85338483.jpgObi-Wan Kenobi: Master of the High Ground

85338489.jpgObi-Wan does have a point though.

85338503.jpgWhen you're desperate to build your own empire.

1bb6bcbc076755ca09ae083dd2a5e353.jpg/When you're a Darth Lord but just can't resist a good ol' dad joke.

That's all for now :) Til next time folks.



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Selene Crescent

Selene Crescent Great job!

Raymus Clovis

Raymus Clovis Hilarious! Thanks for the good laugh! xD

Banned user

Banned user The last meme is something my dad would so say XD Keep it up!

Alexander Zimmerman

Alexander Zimmerman Fantastic work,Lara!! :D

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