5 Good Reasons to get a job
On WoG you can get jobs, anything from working with Social Media to grading homework. Are you still not sure whether you want a job or not this blog is here to help you! - Read here to get the perks of getting a job on WoG!

- From : Beltheris Geyah



WoG is an excellent opportunity to get new friends, improve your writing, and chitchat with people with the same interest. On WoG you have the opportunity to get a job on this site, and I'd like to encourage everyone to apply for one. hereby, I give you 5 good reasons to apply for a job on the site!


Work for a dynamic team!
It's no secret that WoG's teams are amazing. Every job has its own purpose, and working together with your team to either: entertain, help users, or advertise on the site you'd always find a dynamic team you can work with. It's totally worth every second!

Improve the site
One of the best things about getting a job is knowing you're helping to improve it. Everyone improves the site in a different way, but getting a job such as SoMe will help people find the site, being an Assistant Master means helping with homework. Knowing you're making a big difference is a good feeling!

Using the job IG
It's always a plus knowing you can use your OOG job as an IG job. For example, if you're working as a journalist perhaps that's your job IG, and you can use that to whatever things. Often you'd also get relations with your team, and that's just awesome!

Rainbows in chat!
I am in no way saying you should get a job for the colour, but let's be honest, being called boysenberry or orange in chat is quite cool, and that also goes for bad names, shhh, but calling leaders pee is lowkey fun :P

Improve your skills
It's no secret getting a job helps you improve everything. Should you be a Guardian your RPG will easily become better and more structured, same goes for anyone with writings jobs, as in SoMe,
Transmitters , Assistant Masters, everyone. You're learning so much just by getting a job!


And we're off, I hope this blog made you all think twice about getting a job on this wonderful site! You can look at the requirements for class here: https://worldofgalaxies.eu/clubs

Until next time,


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Ellenor Sheadow

Ellenor Sheadow Great article! Love it :D

Uriah Malarkei

Uriah Malarkei Eeeep amazing job, Roseanne! :D

Eliald Verkin

Eliald Verkin Well written, I love it! Go apply for jobs everyone! <3

Sesheta Lenka

Sesheta Lenka Great article :) I loved reading it!

Kiam Rhylin

Kiam Rhylin Oooo I really like this :D

Kyra Peters

Kyra Peters Loved reading it Roseanne! It'll surely motivate a few users to go apply for a job!

Beltheris Geyah

Beltheris Geyah Lovely Blog Roseanne! :D

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