Bored/tired from the real life and need some break.Why don't you read some memes from the Star Wars to entertain yourself.

- From : Alexander Zimmerman



Galactic Memes

Hello and welcome to this week's edition of Galactic Memes, where we look at the weird, random and funny side of Star Wars.
So without further ado, let's get to those memes :)

6cac3d5ca83a852bc6bbbf61093b5b77.jpgClassic Han

3ce50fb0652ac0d53d698d7a7e2be03b.jpgMark Hamill FTW

f7349532865babc728b73af7b77b6cf1.jpgIt's just a flesh wound

anN0jyV_700bwp_v1.webpThe Sound of Star Wars

3de24ff7ab99577970c6183ba68ff224.jpgStormtrooper chat up lines 101

That's all for now folks. See you all next week for even more memes.



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Raymus Clovis

Raymus Clovis Hilarious! Kinda missed this! Can't wait for more!!!^^

Ella Serneica

Ella Serneica OML lmaooo

Will Lazuli

Will Lazuli Lol, that last one though "I miss you ;)" Wonderful job yet again Lara!

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