Facts about the Galaxy world.
Hello, people from the Galaxy world! By this way, I want to introduce a new blog! Facts from our fandom. Every Wednesday, you will read about three facts. It can be either serious or funny facts. But be aware, I can't promise that you won't laugh sometimes.

- From : Emely Montgomery



Written by: Emely Montgomery
Blog No. #01
Year 8, Week 1, Wednesday.

Let's have some fun with facts about our world! Every week you will find here 3 new facts. Hopefully, you will come to know mesmerizing things about our Galaxy world. There will be funny facts and serious facts! Every Wednesday you will read 3 facts! Happy reading.

1. Yoda was almost played by a monkey.
Did you know this? Well, I did. According to the book The Making of Star Wars by J.W. Rinzler, George Lucas originally had decided to let Yoda be played by a monkey. Well, a cute monkey of course, with a costume and a mask and such. Pretty funny isn’t it? I couldn't stop laughing. When I watched the movie again, I laughed and everyone was looking at me. After this fact, I couldn’t see Yoda otherwise than as a monkey with a mask.

2 . Boba Fett's face is actually visible in the original movies.
You never see the face of this actor. But in the original movie, his face was visible when he stood up for a police officer. It was in the last minute, and really quick. You won't be able to spot him if you aren't fast enough to see it by yourself. Shocking, isn’t it? I never expected that. I never knew. So, this should be our first serious fact. It is good to know that he also had his tiny personal private spot in the movies by taking off his helmet!

3. Return of the Jedi had almost a very different ending.

George Lucas thought about the idea of "Luke putting on the helmet of his dying Vader", taking his position at the dark side, declaring “Now I am Vader.” Wow... Okay, wow… I would never have expected this. What happened to this idea? Well, probably it is deleted and changed to what it is now. Imagine that this would have happened? What would happen to us?

Well, that was it for now. Stay tuned for more facts. See you next Wednesday!
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Eliza Celistya

Eliza Celistya Oh my gosh I am shocked :o :o Wonderful blog post Emely!

Jett Almond

Jett Almond Woah! Didn't know that!

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