Galactic Memes XIV

- From : Ezra Knight



galactic memes

Hello and welcome once again to this weeks edition of Galactic Memes, where we look at the weird and funny side of Star Wars.
So without further ado, let's have a look at this week's memes:

I-Just-Hit-Someone-Said-Stormtrooper-Ever-Funny-Star-War-Meme-Image.jpgPoor Stormtroopers #StormTropperAppreciation

han-solo-force-awakens-memes-05.jpgHey, if Han says it's true, it's true

0e17b2175acbf910d6b7256b5332c2281081c443_hq.jpgGuess even a Darth and his evil grandson need to do their regualar shopping trip

56c20fcc378c5e22ec394885499cb71f.jpgEven Vader can't resist a good ol' boop

57abc9de03d7cf351125dcd8b5e7a65c.jpgI am definitely Obi-Wan Kenobi in mandalorian armor

That's all for now :) Til next time folks.



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Kieran Alker

Kieran Alker Great post!

Ellenor Sheadow

Ellenor Sheadow Great memes! :D

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