The Mystery of
What secrets are out there in the Galaxy? This week, the Supreme Chancellor discovers the riddle of the 'OnlineStarWarsRPG'! A place of community, battles, friendship and fun! We want in on THAT action!

- From : Tessa Alloine

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Tessa Alloine

Tessa Alloine Jayce! NO!

Jayce Syron

Jayce Syron Oooh, some secrets to uncover. Also, I may have released some womp rats in the Hall as a defensive measure, Tess.

Arrikzane Djenn

Arrikzane Djenn I always want to know ALL the secrets of the Galaxy! I will have to uncover this one too!

Nikolas Tungsten

Nikolas Tungsten That sounds a very interesting "planet". Perhaps I need to check it out - for my class, of course.

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