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Making your own character is sometimes the hardest thing to do, but also one of the most important things. On Worldofgalaxies we create characters in the star wars universe, but how is it we make a perfect character? Read here, and get some tips!

- From : Beltheris Geyah

Creating your own character is sometimes the most difficult thing, but nevertheless the most fun part. A lot can go through you mind when you try to find your characters personality, backstory and possible relations for your character in the future. Therefore I, as a 5-year experienced RPG, is giving away her best tips to make the perfect character.

When you make a character the name is somewhat critical. You can, of course, pay for a name change, but finding the correct name is always one of the most difficult parts. When you make your character you want a name you can be happy and proud of, and that’s why I always use name generators. My favorite is this one: https://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/
Be sure that the name fits into the generation your character will be in. Realism is sometimes the most important part when making a character.

The Past.
I always recommend thinking or brainstorming about a past before thinking of a personality and looks. The past affects everyone, and it’s often seen that people write personality first, and afterwards have to change the backstory to fit, or the personality to fit in, therefore, start with the past. If your character for example nearly drowned in the past perhaps your character is afraid of water? - Only your imagination sets the limit when you write your backstory. You, however, have to remember to keep it realistic to the situation. I doubt your character saw a penguin trying to tickle them, and therefore fears penguins. The backstory does not have to include your character only. It can easily be written about parents, sister or brothers anything that would make sense to write down. Remember sky’s the limit.

When you make your personality it’s where you go back into the backstory to find your clues. If the person reacted negatively towards this or that use that to evolve your personality. You RPG the personality better if you can think about what you wrote when you wrote the backstory. Setting things in perspective is always good if she want a strong personality. Remember, future plots and topics can always help you evolve your characters personality. If you grow tired of your current personality a simple plot can make a huge difference.

Faceclaims is something I personally spends a lot of time finding. You’d normally want a unique face claim, and be the only one using that person actively. I know i would, and that’s why finding the perfect one can be hard. I think it’s important you find someone fitting into the looks and appearance in your personality and backstory. If you described your character to be a weak person it wouldn’t make sense to have a buff faceclaim. I always go through photos and GIFs before i chose someone as my face claim to see it they can fit in the descriptions of my character, and if I can link some of the photos to my backstory. I’d always recommend using Pinterest where you can pinpoint some facts, and they’ll filter it for you. To find gifs or photoes of your face claim i’d use tumblr or pinterest.

If you made it here it means you survived my endless rambling about making a character. I hope it was useful, and you’ll make some awesome characters you can be proud of. Remember to ask around for topics and relations to develop your character more, and get more backstory!

Until next time,


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Fae Baham

Fae Baham Great article. I'm sure it will help a lot of people.

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Cheshire Hunter M’kay thank youse

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Ellenor Sheadow Wonderful article, Roseanne!! :D Love it

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Uriah Malarkei Absolutely amazing blog, Roseanne! I enjoyed reading it and I'm sure it'll be of great use! :D

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Sesheta Lenka Wow, wonderful article, Roseanne! Very helpful :)

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Kres Streton A great and helpful blog! I must say that it helped me, and it was great to get tips! :D

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Alois Fall This is such a good guide <3

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Lara Raydancer Love it Rosanne :D

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Aayla Jinn Oooooh. Such a good blog. I will take this into account when creating my next character.

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