Welcome back to Staff Interview..This is the second edition of Staff Interview, a blog where it's possible for you to get to know our staff members. This week we have yet another wonderful Staff member..So..Let's go!!

- From : Alexander Zimmerman



Welcome to the very second edition of Staff Interview! Staff Interview is a weekly blog post where I, Alexander Zimmerman, will be interviewing the lovely staff members of WoG EU!


Today I am joined by one and only Captain Cherry Perry, whose has always been a great captain.. for the Siths and one of the wonderful staff member on the site. You probably know her as the Captain for The Sith Faction or you may remember her as Mama Sith. Either way, give a warm welcome to the Mama Sith,Rintalia Tauri !.



Q1.Five Words to Describe Yourself?
A:Headstrong, Sassy, Sarcastic, Quiet, Perfectionist. I believe these are the best words to describe myself simply because of how I interact with others, and how I deal with the work I must do. 
Q2. What do you like about
A:The community, a great deal of us are close friends and even worked side by side for a long time.
Q3.What is your Life Motto?
A:Always be you. Its kinda cliche but it speaks truth, people will like you for who you are not someone who is fake, and if people don't like you for how you act? Ignore it and keep being fabulous.
Q4.What's the one thing you wouldn't live without in the Star Wars World?
A:Ah my lightsabers, its such a fascinating weapon and pretty too!
Q5.You're the Captain for The Sith Faction. Since that day, what's the most interesting thing that has happened to you?
A:Since becoming the captain I'd have to say the most interesting thing to happen to me was the day I was hired. I was such a small girl, with no experience in how to handle such a responsibility whatsoever. To me this is interesting because I somehow managed to do it right!

That is all for this time! If you enjoyed this blog post, keep an eye on your notifications again next week where I will be back with a new, yet familiar, face!(Thank you so much :D for allowing me to take your interview)


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Ríona Lee

Ríona Lee Another wonderful interview! Ah it's amazing to get to know you more Rintalia - I can't wait for the next interview :D

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