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- From : Ezra Knight

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This post will be about different staff from around the site introducing themselves so that you can all get to know them better. If you have any questions that you woukd perhaps like me to ask them then just send me a Hologram and I'll see what I can do! Let's get started!

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Keith J. Leeyung

Tell me a bit about yourself; Who are you? (Age, personality, .e.ct.) What is your job?


  • My name is Keith 'Jonwoh' Leeyung, I am 22 years old and I am the Emperor. Something about me..hm..I do love to interact and talk with new people. I have a big love for gardens and flowers, love to be able to help others. To be honest, my personality is kinda like a mix of a lot of things. I'm a creative person, I love to sketch and bring out ideas and a lot of things. Besides that, Making sure that everyone is doing alright, I....I just love helping. OH and puns, oh dear I love puns and if you haven't noticed..I like making my own puns!


What is your favourite thing about this site?


  • I love how everyone is active and talking in the chat, how everyone is welcoming towards new users and those who has been on the site for some time. I really love how we are like a family on the whole site, it's amazing to see everyone having fun in chat and being there in general. That we all have a connection through the love of Star Wars and its community.

If you were stranded on a completely different galaxy on your own; what three things would you take with you?


  • Hm, I would probably bring a guide on how to survive on this so said different Galaxy, someone that I really love, and possibly a garden...because It's a garden what more can I say!

Anything else you want to say?


  • I would love to say that, if you ever need someone to talk to, any help at all, or maybe just want to chit chat. Don't be afraid but do send a Hologram to me. You are loved and welcomed into our little site family here, stay awesome and be yourself! ♥



That's all for today folks! I'll see you next week with another familiar face!


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Kurt Fall

Kurt Fall Awesome work, Ezra!

Will Lazuli

Will Lazuli Great article!

Nell Paxtry

Nell Paxtry Nice article! Good to get a little closer to our emperor. :P

Alexander Zimmerman

Alexander Zimmerman Great work,Ezra!

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