Archivist Power
The Holocron Hall is a place of many secrets, power and knowledge. Not everyone can walk in and glean what it has to offer or explore it's mysterious vaults. . .

- From : Tessa Alloine

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Artchier Aylenios

Artchier Aylenios Wooah, so suspicious! Veiled Shadow, I think you have good advice, so everyone best listen!

Steela Jackman

Steela Jackman Thank you so much for choose my team, Veiled Shadow. I am really honoured!

Millie Yarrowe

Millie Yarrowe OOooh, wow, a secret vault! I must try to sneak in sometimes, maybe if I were to douse myself in orange....

Amriku Nazari

Amriku Nazari Oh my! Not the holocrons! I love to read! This is just stunning work Shadow! Great job! Go apply students !!!

Tessa Alloine

Tessa Alloine This is making me re-think the amount of power that Senator Jackman has . . but what can be done about it? ;)

Arrikzane Djenn

Arrikzane Djenn I do wish I COULD get into those vaults. This is amazing information! Thank you shadow.

Katharine Jackman

Katharine Jackman AHHHHH! I looooove it!! This section is incredible! Totally agreeeeee, Knowledge is Power!!

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