Meet the staff #2.0
Hello, dear beings. Have you always want to learn more about the persons and jobs from our site? Well, I have good news: I made a combination of it! Every Sunday you can read here about our Staff, who they are as a person and what their job is about. Why did they join our world? And why should you join? They will answer all the questions I ask them, and they will explain us everything. And don't forget, without all those nice people, we wouldn't be here!

- From : Ejected user

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Luke Salem

Luke Salem Well done Emely~ :o

Aspen Zenaide

Aspen Zenaide I love this! Always great to know more about the wonderful staff here <3

Eliza Celistya

Eliza Celistya Fabulous job, Emely and April!

Sucked into a wormhole

Sucked into a wormhole Great job! I cant wait to see, who's next!

Ewan Koldwi

Ewan Koldwi Brilliant Job Emely! Cannot wait to read more of these articles!

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