The Ultimate Star Wars Marathon!
The weekend is coming up, and by that means, it’s time to forget about work, school and any homework, and just take a day to complete this challenge! I present to you, the Star Wars Marathon Challenge!

- From : Uriah Malarkei

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Cordelia Hunter

Cordelia Hunter Wow! Thats a lot xD

Alayhna Ariosal

Alayhna Ariosal That's... a lot of movie watching O:

Aspen Zenaide

Aspen Zenaide I watched three recently...

Maelys Garandel

Maelys Garandel Niceeeeeeee!!!!!

Uriah Malarkei

Uriah Malarkei Absolutely love the idea of a marathon, but I would definitely need a lot of coffee to complete one! So far only watched 2 movies according to these rules xD - Wonderful job, Roseanne!

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