Are you interested in knowing about our Staff members?Are you interested to know what they like and what they don't?If yes,then this would be a blog for you as in this blog,Our Boysenberry Dale will be interviewing different staff members every week.

- From : Howard Schweinsteiger

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Mirage Acacia

Mirage Acacia Yes!! Daddd, youre on the blog!!

Blaze Smith

Blaze Smith Good job, only if you chose Jar Jar Binks, it would make me like you even more

Audrey Chase

Audrey Chase ooh yes wonderful

Skyla Raven

Skyla Raven Yeah Finn!! Amazing Interview!!

Steela Jackman

Steela Jackman Good job here!

Sahira Ashfiq

Sahira Ashfiq Wow... it told me more about my bf than i knew XD. AMAZING!!!!

Howard Schweinsteiger

Howard Schweinsteiger Amazing Interview! Love itt <3 Got to know a lot about Papa Flowers ;D

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