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Want to earn money on the site or earn color on your name by applying for the job you want but do not know how? This blog will help you out!

- From : Alexander Zimmerman


Hello readers of the blog!
My name is Alexander Zimmerman and I am the New Social Media Senator. I will be covering jobs in my first blog post Since every team needs more members in their group.Even meah.To talk about a little thing, which I think would help a lot of people trying to get one of the amazing jobs that the site offers, which come with beautiful colours!

This will be a guide to how to properly write an application, so you are sure to get the job that it is you want to get. I have wanted to write a thing like this for a long time, so writing about this in my first blog post will do probably the best thing to read this.

The first thing to do is probably going to look at which job it is you want to have, where you will try to figure out what you would be best at and enjoy the most! It is always nice to think about if you really want the job for what they do and not just because the colour is pretty! Now, let us just look at the different jobs at first to get an idea:

Social-Media Team
SoMe is a team that makes sure that World of Galaxies is possible to be seen on the Social-Media pages, so we will be able to get many friends to join us in the future! They also takes care of the wonderful blog,which I can tell you is pretty nice!


Holocron Holder
The job for a Holocron holder is to go through a lot of information in the Star Wars Universe about a topic, which will be written into a holocrons and then published in the Holocron Hall on the Hosnian Prime. These books will be able to help students with their homework and is greatly appreciated by everyone that reads the holocrons!

Research Team
The Research Team makes sure that the users backstories are realistic in the universe and is there to help other users with coming up with different ideas for their backstories. They get to sit down, relax and drink a hot cup of cocoa, when reading through the many talented backstories.

This is probably one of the more creative jobs on the site, where you get to write articles about different things for either the Gungan Times or the Gungan Propaganda, where each paper has a distinct style. In this job you will only be asked to write one article a week, which will be read by all the users on the site.

Like the Research Team, then the Guardians are there to make sure some rules are kept inline, but these aren’t about the users backstories, but more about the topics that are being made on the site. They are there to keep it realistic and make sure people have a good time. It is also possible for them to have a nice cup of cocoa, while reading all the topics in their areas!

Another one of the more creative jobs, where you plan events, parties and terrible accidents that will happen at Star Wars academy/universe! If you love to do topics, then this is probably one of the best jobs for you!

If you have the magic touch, when drawing, then this job is probably something for you! You will be able to help develop all the WoG site by coming with different ideas to items that will be created and drawing some of them in your own time!

Assistant Master
Assistant Masters are an important part of the site, as they help out the teachers with the grading work load, where it is they take care of complaints and varying grades, which other users have graded. If you like grading other people’s work, then this job is amazing for you!

Teacher (Only, when posted that a teacher is needed)
The only staff job that is possible to apply to, where it is you will be writing lessons for the users of the site to do every week. Teachers are role models for the users on the site, so this has to be taken into consideration if you are able to do that! #Jointhelimes

Remember it is not possible to apply to be Chief TransmittersHead of FactionsSenators, Supreme Chancellor or Emperor/Empress.

Now, that we have looked a little on every job, then it is time to actually write the applications, where I will split it into a few different categories, which are: Basic InformationDetailed InformationJob Related Attachments and Things to Remember.

These categories are to make it easier to understand what kind of theme I am talking about, so let us get into it, shall we?

Basic Information

Everything in this category will be all the basic information that will be able to be written fairly short and is just need to know for the leader that will be looking over your application. The basic information is really just what your World of Galaxies name, your IRL age and your other users are. This is to tell the leader who you are and if they have seen you before on the site. This will explain to them if you are active or not and just in general who you are.

It is important that everything being asked of you to have in the application is in the application, or else it would be hard for the leader to track you down and would make it hard for them to actually consider you joining their team.
Detailed Information

Wait … details? What are these? The detailed information that is being talked about here is mostly: Who are you and why do you want this job?

This is one of the most important parts of writing a good application, because it is important for the leader to know why it is you want the job you applying for. Are you just applying to get the colour or are you applying, because you actually want to do the workload that is asked of you? This point is one of the most important things and can’t just be answered by: “I want this job, because I thought it sounded cool.”

Think back to the process of you deciding which job it was you wanted and then write down those thoughts. You decided to apply to this job for a reason, so tell the leader what it is you found interesting about the job, which made you sit down and write an application. Tell them about experiences you have had in your real life that could be related to why you wanted this job.

Let us just take Backstory for an example.
Don’t write something like “I like reading backstories, because people are good at writing.” and say it is done already, because this wouldn’t really tell the leader very much about why you want to be apart of the team. Go in depth with why it is you like reading backstories and perhaps what you think of writing backstories yourself. This is really one of the most important steps, which is why it is in every application form to every job on the website.

Job Related Attachments

This is another one of the more important things to remember to be detailed about, because this is what you will be going to work with a lot, if you get the job. Here you have to answer the job related requirements that each application ask of you to do.

Each job asks something different of you, when it is you are going to do this point, but something that is important about this in every job is that you are detailed.

For Guardians, you are asked to explain your way around the rules and to write a RPG piece, where you are aware of the rules. It is important that you are detailed in both of these aspects, where you don’t just copy some of the rules and say you understand it. You have to explain why the rule is important and why it is it could be there. It shows your understanding of the rules to explain why it is there.

For Transmitters you are asked to write an article with a word limit, so it is the Chief Transmitters can see how it is you write your articles. This is what you are judged on the most, when applying to be a Transmitter.

For Social-Media you have to write ideas for posts, competitions and whatever it is you can come up with for Social-Media platforms. Explain your ideas in a few lines and explain how it is going to work out, else it wouldn’t really work, if the leader didn’t understand your ideas.

For Holocron Holders you are asked to write a segment of a holocronyou want to write. This needs to be written well, as you will probably be going to continue writing that book, when you have been hired, so work hard on it as if you already have the job. A few lines would probably not be a good idea, so a few paragraphs would probably be good for this.

For Assistant Master, you have to explain the reason why you chose the subject you are applying for, which is really an important thing to go into detail about. The teacher needs to know that you know your stuff.

For Research Team it is a little broad, but remember to be detailed about the different things that they are asking you about. Remember, detail is important.

For illustrator you just have to draw, which isn’t that hard, if you already knew that you could draw!

For Plot-team, then explain your ideas in detail about the plots and events that you want to see and work on. It is important to work hard on these ideas, so it is the plot leader would be able to consider using these plots on the site.

For Teachers it is important that your lessons are detailed and different from already existing lessons. So, a suggestion is that you try to sit down for a few minutes and brainstorm different ideas and not look at other lessons on the site, so it will be your own ideas and they will not be influenced by other people.

As you can see, then it is very important to be detailed about everything you write, because it is about quality. Working hard on an application is very important and it will be valued a lot by the leaders reading the applications.
Things to Remember

So, now we are nearly at the end of this long blog, but I just want to tell a few things first before we end it!

It is important that you are detailed in the applications, because that is very important when writing applications and captures the leader.

Another thing that is important is that you don’t just use only 5 minutes on the application, because it is easy to see that there hasn’t been worked a lot on it. It is about quality and not about it being sent in fast.

You will only be told, if you are hired, so please don’t apply to the clubs before you hear any information about it, because you will not be let in until you have gotten the offer.
Parting Words

Well, this is where we end. You will now have a lot of information to take with you the next time you write an application and I am sure you will use all the information that we have given you in this blog.

I hope you will get your new jobs on the site, when you have taken these tip to good use!




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