Jobs,Jobs and Jobs
Want to earn money on the site or earn color on your name by applying for the job you want but do not know how? This blog will help you out!

- From : Howard Schweinsteiger

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Ella Serneica

Ella Serneica thanks! this will be amazing

Fae Baham

Fae Baham Amazing article! I'm late but still amazing

Will Lazuli

Will Lazuli Galactastic article Alexander!

Izaiah Eberstark

Izaiah Eberstark Wonderful article! and go apply all <3

Raymus Clovis

Raymus Clovis Nice article! I'd definitely apply, but time's short and I don't know if I'll be able to fulfill my duties in any job... T.T

Kieran Alker

Kieran Alker amazing! yes yes yes join the gungan times <3

Alhena Frigus

Alhena Frigus *Cough* Research *Cough*

Phoebe Kendall

Phoebe Kendall Haha! YES! Join all jobs! (But mainly join research!)

Artemis Tauri

Artemis Tauri Oh wow this article was amazing and will be incredibly helpful! Thank you for this amazing work <3

Nyekstim Rushdaish

Nyekstim Rushdaish So. When i saw the title, i expected another article saying jobs are open. So I applaud you on the surprise twist !

Nell Paxtry

Nell Paxtry Oooo, that'll probably come in handy for someone! :D

Sucked into a wormhole

Sucked into a wormhole Wohooo! Great article Alexander! very helpful for newcomers <3

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