Welcome back to Staff Interview..This is the second edition of Staff Interview, a blog where it's possible for you to get to know our staff members. This week we have yet another wonderful Staff member..So..Let's go!!

- From : Alexander Zimmerman



Welcome to the very second edition of Staff Interview! Staff Interview is a weekly blog post where I, Alexander Zimmerman, will be interviewing the lovely staff members of WoG EU!


Today I am joined by one and only Emperor Coolest, whose has always been there to help every user can reach too.He is the amazing boss of the wonderful site consisting of awesome staff members.. You probably know her as the Emperor or you may remember him as Galaxy Papa.(made that name.) Either way, give a warm welcome to the Galaxy Papa,Keith Leeyung!.



Q1.Four/Five Words to Describe Yourself?
A:..Random, entertaining, loving and...Handsome 
Q2. What do you like about
A:I really love how we are like a family on the whole site, it's amazing to see everyone having fun in chat and being there in general. That we all have a connection through the love of the Star Wars and its community. It's always an adventure going online here, you don't know how the day will look and you don't know how it will turn out. Everything, everyone here is making WoG to what it is today and what's it going to be in the future. There are loads of things and reasons to why I love and I could go on for a long time - but, this is like a short version ahah.”
Q3.What is your Life Motto?
A:A Life is a whole adventure, you never know what awaits around the corner and you don't know what impact everything you do will have on the present and the future. Do what you love, take risks and live on the edge! If you don't, it won't be an adventure and life, life is the best adventure."
Q4.What's the one thing you wouldn't live without in the Star Wars World?
A:Hm, I'd say...probably the Vulptices. They are an extraordinary species and creature, their fur is like building upon ice as a protective armor for those who hunt them. I love the Vulptices and I don't think I can go a day without seeing one. But there is something else that I certainly cannot live without...Green Milk.
Q5.You're the Emperor. Since that day, what's the most interesting thing that has happened to you?
A:Ah, that's a hard question because so many things happened after that day! Aish. But perhaps one of the most interesting things that have happened to me after that day, would perhaps be that one time when I tried to make the job list into a salad, an experimental salad! We have the cucumber, Napkin, Plates, Prune-plums, Boysenberries and so on ahaha. But as I said there are so many interesting moments and there is always a new one, every day.”

That is all for this time! If you enjoyed this blog post, keep an eye on your notifications again next week where I will be back with a new, yet familiar, face!(Thank you so much :D for allowing me to take your interview)


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