Meet The Staff:Tessa Alloine
Are you interested in knowing about our Staff members?Are you interested to know what they like and what they don't?If yes,then this would be a blog for you as in this blog,Our Boysenberry Dale will be interviewing different staff members every week.

- From : Howard Schweinsteiger

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Maezi Dex

Maezi Dex I loved this!

Finn Gentry

Finn Gentry Very interesting indeed, great job Daledriah! Looking forward to seeing more from you <3

Howard Schweinsteiger

Howard Schweinsteiger Amazing Work, by lovely Boysen Daledriah :D Keep it up dear <3

Tessa Alloine

Tessa Alloine Thank you so much, Daledriah! It was a pleasure talking with you. This is beautiful

Arcadia Vellemuse

Arcadia Vellemuse Great interview, Tessa! And a great interviewer as well!! Can’t wait to see more~!

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