Are you a Star Wars Fan?Do you know all the interesting Facts about Star Wars?If Yes,Lets see if you know these..We will be sharing 5 interesting facts about the Star Wars Universe..(I would love to Thank Emely for starting this blog series of Star Wars and I,Howard will continue to bring the facts back to you every week..)

- From : Howard Schweinsteiger

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Galatee Malric

Galatee Malric Buffy Yoda and painted potatoes?! I would have never known - thank you, Howard!

Steela Jackman

Steela Jackman Yeees! I love the amazing Yoda! Good job, dear Howard!! <3

Cascadi Rexis

Cascadi Rexis You're saying we could harvest potatoes straight from asteroids? A whole new business idea in the works...

Malic Wyles

Malic Wyles Arrik is a secret ape. He just shaves to look politically good looking.

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