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Do you like all of those colorful names you see around? Well check out the jobs we have available, and see what YOU can bring to the table!

Check often, as this blog will be updated as jobs are taken, opened, and switch around!


The Ambassador for the Jedi Order reports directly to the Supreme Chancellor and Emperor about the ongoings of the Jedi Order - or at least as much as the Grand Master wants to let them know! Part of the duties of any Ambassador is to organize events, welcome new comers, organize or write transmissions, and send prizes to all of the members of the Faction.

The Ambassador for the Galactic Republic reports directly to the Supreme Chancellor and Emperor about the ongoings of the Galactic Republic - being leaders of security and diplomacy, who knows how much influence they truly have! Part of the duties of any Ambassador is to organize events, welcome new comers, organize or write transmissions, and send prizes to all of the members of the Faction.

The Senator of Galactic Security watches over the Galaxy for any trouble. They have a team of Guardians who patrol the various planets and watch for crime. Though some say the Guardians and this Senator runs there own underbelly - almost their own gang...I would stay on their could side, I suppose.

The Senator of Operations spends a lot of time planning plots along with their team of Operatives. They are the secretive Senator that sees to the infrastrucature of the galaxy. With an organized mind, are they building things up, or tearing it down - for profit?

The Senator of Research keeps their finger on the pulse of the Galaxy. They have a team of Scanners, checking denizens backstories and keep their eyes on regulations for denizens. They say the Holocron Hall has the unknown knowledge, but the Scanners - the Senator of Research - they know YOUR secrets. Must be all that combing through the records...What does someone do with that kind of power?

Our galaxy has a lot of different cultures and societies in it, and it can be a little difficult to figure out exactly what is happening around the galaxy and it's different people. This Master is the - well, a master of the differences, and is happy to share in their course.

It's kind of hard getting anywhere in our galaxy without a working ship of some kind - and if your ship doesn't work...well you had hope you know how to repair it! This Master should be able to prepare you, and send you on your way - ready for anything that could occure...including that inevitable driod rebellion.

One thing our Galaxy is full of is creatures! Small, large, and strange! Some are also cuddly and easy (ish) to care for, and some are...well, they are likely to take your arms off! So, taking this class and learning the difference may mean the difference in your survival in our wild and different Galaxy! Are you just the right Master to know all of them? (Class is currently being Subbed by Senator Jayce Syron - applications for a full-time Master are available!)

Jetting around the Galaxy is not only fun for many - but necessary! Not everyone can afford to pay their away throught the shuttle system, or even the...Hutt system. But learning to pilot your own ship - well, that is a skill that gains you freedom that rewards you - well, the Galaxy! (Class is currently being Subbed by Master Errol Septimus - applications for a full-time Master are available!)

The Galaxy is not truly a 'safe' place, and survival is key! This class will make sure you know how to master even the worst disaster, and most barren planet! (Class is currently being Subbed by Master Nikolas Tungsten - applications for a full-time Master are available!)


Assisting the many Masters across the Academy, these are strong in reading, procedure, and holowork! If there are assignements to be handeled these are the people to turn to! Currently available are: Character Quests, Diplomacy, Intergalactic Cooking, Intergalactic Creatures, Martial Arts, Medical Training, Piloting, Strategizing, and Weapons Training

The Guardians of the Galaxy are there to keep the peace, and check out the various places around the galaxy for regulations being properly followed. They know so much about the galaxy, and I wouldn't get into a debate about proper procedure with a Guardian!

Both the Galactic Propaganda and the Gungan Times bring their own versions of Galactic news, and our Holojournalists scour through the Galaxy (and their imagination) for truth! Maybe.

Operatives are a secerative group. They act as the 'spies' of the Galaxy. They go undercover often, and you never know if your neighbor might work in league with the Operetive team...Of course we all know that they make sure that all events, parties, and overarching plots on World of Galaxies goes according to plan!

Navigators take part in bringing Social Media interest to the site! As licensed pilots and tour guides, with always renewed visa's could they be transporting things across the galaxy - duty-free?

Archivists create, write and edit the always expanding Holocron Hall! How much do we believe that the very secretive Holocron Hall doesn't keep secrets from the rest of the Galaxy...perhaps you could find out!

The Scanners spend a lot of time reading and checking through profiles and backstories - even you think that is fun, you should like to join the ranks of Scanners! As the team that knows and keeps all the permenant records around the Galaxy...perhaps it would be good to stay in their good graces. Right?

Artists are just that! They have creativity in their heart, and seek beautiful items and art across the site. With their creativity, perhaps they have their fingers in many pies. Was is possible that the Artists used their art to cover up underground dealing? You find out!

Visit the clubs, or Holo the Leader of Team for more information about how to apply for a job.
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