At any given moment, there are smugglers, mercenaries, criminals, and groups trying to take over the universe!


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YOU can sign up for the Guardian Team, working to protect the Galaxy from these threats!

Under the personal training and mentorship of Senator Anastasia Verdonan, this elite group is comprised of all sorts of people, species and ages who feel that protective urge for their people and for the peace of the entire Galaxy!


As the Guardians will work directly with the Senator, they will also work among the law abiding citizens, helping Older Ladies cross the street and rescuing porgs from trees and such like. Finesse is called for.


Any Rumours that you may have heard regarding the Senator raising up and training her own personal army are ridiculous and not to be believed. That would be so unlikely!


Join today and make the Galaxy a Better Place!


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Be The Hero You Can Be - Apply to the Guardians Today!


- 13 years old IRL
- Have knowledge and understanding on all site rules
- You must have the ability to stay organised, kind, and genuine
- Have the motivation and will to help all users on WoG
- Take part in the club and collaborate with fellow Guardians
- Be a role model

- Have the time for the requirements of this job


- WoG Username
- IRL age
- Discord Username (Not required, but recommended)
- A bit about yourself as an individual IRL
- What you can contribute to the team
- Tell about your knowledge of the rules and guidelines
- Names of extra users (Active and Inactive)
- A description of your IG character
- Write an RPG piece on at least 9 lines, remember (Time, Place, Weather, surroundings)

 Your application must be sent to Anastasia Verdonan in a hologram. 
(Username) - Guardian of (Faction) Application as the topic