Planetory Tourist Explorations #002: Korriban
Well Well, I wonder if you have ever wanted to go on a Holiday to a Planet and you have LITERALLY no idea that which planet to choose?? Fear not! Here is the Navigators Team, to help you giving a little sneak peak into Planets, so before you end up chosing the wrong tour guide and end up at the wrong place, we give you a little prior-ship. Now, Read further my friend!!

- From : Sahira Ashfiq

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Tessa Alloine

Tessa Alloine Hhaa! So well written! (But did you HAVE to compliment the Emperor? His head is big enough already . . ahem!)

Arrikzane Djenn

Arrikzane Djenn Ah. Home. How nice of you to write about it is such a lovely manner. Did you want something, Senator?

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