The Stories of Love & Beyond
Say with me; V A L E N T I N E. A beautiful day of dedicating love. Shall we also know, what our lovelies Galaxy is up to? Now, Now, don't be shy... and take your roses with you.

- From : Sahira Ashfiq

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Sahira Ashfiq

Sahira Ashfiq At this point, I believe you, Ginive. xD

Ginive Trout

Ginive Trout Ah, Tessa's love for justice and Malic's for terror - Maybe thats actually hiding something and they're SECRETLY TOGETHER? More to explore ;) Wonderful article Sahira!

Tessa Alloine

Tessa Alloine This is absolutely beautiful! Fantastic work, Senator!

Lunar Wolfbane

Lunar Wolfbane Awesome!

Katharine Jackman

Katharine Jackman Beautiful and lovely blog!

Mia Staldela

Mia Staldela So beautifully-written, Sahira! WOW ♡ The best read that's perfect for Valentine's Day for all kinds of love.

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