The Mandalorian Dance Party
When one hears about a dance party, the only right course of action is to join in! That leaves me wondering... what even is a "Mandalorian" Dance party???

- From : Aquina Harathenson

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Zia Katan

Zia Katan I can neither confirm nor deny that this was the reason I purchased all the Beskar...

Arrikzane Djenn

Arrikzane Djenn I wonder how many credits that disco ball would bring in. I'll have to look into that...hmmm

Tessa Alloine

Tessa Alloine Oh my . . The most expensive disco ball ever! I must ask Master Zia about this!

Jayce Syron

Jayce Syron Ooh, a disco ball made out of beskar? Sounds cool!

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