Guardians of the Galaxy
WHAT?? Galaxy in danger? And we all we all do need our Guardians! Ranging from saving the galaxy to help old ladies cross the road! Our Guardians are capable of everything? Wouldn't you like become one of us and help us in saving our galaxy to

- From : Sahira Ashfiq

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Sahira Ashfiq

Sahira Ashfiq My, My, Danger you say? Though , it is one good team I'd add ;)

Steela Jackman

Steela Jackman Omg! Danger, danger! emm, wait a moment, I like danger! xD Awesome article, Veiled Shadow

Arrikzane Djenn

Arrikzane Djenn There is something special about being counted in that group...

Errol Septimus

Errol Septimus Elite, huh? I do like that .

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